About 105 Noshery

A Randy Peters Experience

Eat. Drink. Repeat.

A vision to bring to Vernon Street an experience in design, using the history of Roseville and the elements of a building that is over 60 years old. Sharing our extreme passion for service, food, and beverages. Using products and vendors of the highest quality, regardless of the price! Beverages should be fun and different so we have them! Over 170 spirits, 16 handles, over 50 varietals of wine and over 12 different waters from around the world. Sodas in a bottle as they were originally planned and served. Food that is unique, taste exceptional and causes your mouth to go Wow! Food that makes you ask yourself, “Did they really do that with food?” Service that we know is missing in America today. Service that some call old fashion, but once you experience it again you will say Aww...I remember being treated like this once. A Management TEAM that is interested in you, your thoughts, your opinion. A TEAM that is here at 105 Noshery for one purpose. To give you an experience of the highest quality every time you are here. This is the definition of 105 Noshery.


To Eat Food Enthusiastically
A Serving of Food
To Munch

NOSHERY /ˈnäSHərē/

A Restaurant
A Place Where Food is Served


Randy Peters



Lisa Peters

CEO, President

Trusted Partners

Our Vendors

We strive to only work with the best and here are some of those we currently partner with as a preferred vendor.

Giving Back

Supporting Community

“Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required.” (Luke 12:48)

We are grateful for the community support we have received, and feel a deep responsibility to return that support and generosity. 105 Noshery was born from a love of community, and that love doesn’t stop when you exit our doors.

Happy Hour is available Tuesday – Friday from 4pm - 7pm.

We will have live music every Wednesday night so come have a relaxing evening with great food and entertainment!

In an effort to support our community we are providing discounts to the following groups every day.

  • Hospitality Industry Discount every day 15%
  • Patriarchs of our Era Discount every day 15%
  • First Responders Discount every day 15%

We support causes and organizations including: