Event Date: 3 Dec - 8:0 AM

Quinn Hedges is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Although he is a versatile musician, having dabbled in a mesh of genres including folk, rock, and jazz, he considers himself a blues player at heart. Quinn became hooked on guitar at age 15. He continued his musical career all throughout high school, later moving to California to earn a degree in music. It was at this time that he became serious about songwriting, and began to hone his talent. This hard work and determination lead to the creation of his all-original, self-titled, debut album: “Quinn Hedges” (Circa 2006). Later, in 2011, he released his sophomore effort in the acoustic-based album, “Without You”. Quinn led, “The Quinn Hedges Band” from 2009-2013 and wrote and released the album, “Step Outside”, in 2012.

From 2013 through 2016, Quinn teamed up with his cousin, John B Hedges, and released his finest album to date, “Slightly South of Stormy Clouds” (Mixed by Grammy Award Winner Tim Sonnefeld & Mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig). Currently, Quinn and John B are working on their next collaboration as “Cousin Hedges” with an album in the works slated for a release in late 2021.

Quinn previously played in several Sacramento-based bands, such as The Outcome and Fair Trade. Aside from solo performances, Quinn also performs with former Nashville session guitarist extraordinaire, Michael Gregory, as “Hedges and Gregory”.

Since 2003, Quinn has been playing in restaurants, dive bars, wine bars, wineries, clubs, theaters, weddings, private events, opened for numerous national touring acts. A renowned artist who is known for the truth and wisdom behind his lyrics, Quinn creates soulful and relatable music, which touches a wide array of audiences.