In honor of International Women’s Day, we thought we’d take this opportunity to recognize the incredible, dynamic women that make 105 Noshery a success.

Lisa Peters – CEO and Partner

Opening 105 Noshery in the middle of an unknown, unprecedented pandemic was a great challenge. Lisa relied heavily on the woman that brought this to fruition in October of 2020.

Lisa’s assistant Janeen says, “Lisa is a tough cookie, but she cares.  She works hard, and her work ethic is motivating to me.  She inspires the culture here that makes me feel like this is truly my second home.”

Melissa McCullough – Director of Marketing

Melissa McCullough has a keen eye for marketing and what’s new and exciting. It all started with her taking pictures of our food development program. Now she heads up the social media for 105 Noshery and continues to bring those new ideas to the table. She’s always willing to pitch in and incredibly quick on her feet.  She is in tune with what people want.  She’s super likeable, easy to work with and a real team player.

Justine McNeil – Publican

Justine is our ‘fun girl’ and one of the best bartenders we’ve ever seen.  Her creativity and ability to combine botanicals, fruits and spirits always amazes us and our guests. And her always-changing hair color keeps us on our toes!

Our hard-working and dedicated support team makes everything possible!

Janeen Williams – Executive Assistant to Lisa Peters

Over the last nine years, Janeen has developed her skills to take a load off her boss. She is now responsible for all accounting and payroll for two companies and is willing to take on new challenges. Lisa says she is always willing to help with a smile on her face. You will often hear numerous times a day, “It’s my pleasure.”  

Angel Kessler – Chef

Angel has been the executive chef for 12 years and brings a maternal energy to our operation.  With a finger on all parts of both companies, she keeps everything running smoothly on the culinary side.  During the pandemic, Chef Angel never missed a beat. We pivoted very quickly to deliveries for individuals. Even though those kitchens get very hot, you’ll never see this girl sweat!

Dian Arnold – Menu Analyst

When developing a menu, creativity is important. So is having the right menu mix and price points on your menu. Dian does this and supports Chef Angel in any way needed by researching products.  Dian is thoughtful and kind and appreciates her fellow employees…and usually shows it with homemade cookies!

We appreciate these women and all women in business, today and every day!