Justine Joiner, Publican

There’s no place like home for the holidays. And for Justine Joiner, that’s behind the bar.

After several months of pinch hitting as general manager while we navigated the evolving challenges of COVID, Justine is thrilled to now be solely focusing on our bar program, one she built from the ground up when we opened in 2020.

“I’ve learned more in the past 18 months than I may have during my 25 years of bartending! It was stressful and exhausting, but I’m extremely grateful to have learned the inner workings of hospitality from Randy and Lisa,” Justine said.

As the publican at 105 Noshery, Justine is responsible for the entire bar program – developing our cocktail menu, stocking the bar with your favorites (whether local or nationally known…or both!), training our bartenders and waitstaff, and managing relationships with her bevy of vendors.

“Some may not know that our bar is as local as possible. We pour a local vodka and gin, and all our wines are from California. All but one of our brews (Revision is originally from Auburn so technically they’re local, right?) are from Northern California and 50% of them are in Sacramento.”

She loves using her curiosity and education to be creative, but it’s the customers that drew her to bartending in the first place. She loves holding court, developing relationships, and welcoming her regulars.

The new cocktail menu, something she’s been working on for months, debuts mid-December. While not necessarily what you might expect to see on a winter menu, she is especially proud of the speakeasy-driven, ‘old school’ results – cocktails that feature three or four ingredients but are exceptionally complex in flavor.

Stop by for a drink and be sure to give a wave to Justine when you do. If you miss her here, you may not run into her anywhere else in town.

She notes, “In Roseville, there’s just no cooler place to be than here.”

What she orders: French dip for lunch, salmon for dinner

What she’s drinking: anything with gin

“Publican is a term from the late 1800s that described someone who owned or ran a pub or bar. Because the overall scope of Justine’s job is so much more than ‘bar manager’, it is the perfect title for what she brings to 105 Noshery.”

– Randy